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Pressed Picnic Sarnies

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
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I just adore Boursin cheese.  It's a soft and creamy cheese which is spreadable and comes in lots of delicious flavours.  I am partial to the Black Peppercorn one and the Herb and Garlic one.  I use it quite a lot.  It's excellent stirred into sauces, or mixed with the flesh of baked potatoes and stuffed back into the skins for fabulous double baked spuds!   It's nice on a cheese board and lovely spread onto crackers, or crisp celery sticks!  
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They now come in packs containing six individual portions and I was sent samples of both the Black Peppercorn and the Herb and Garlic to try out!  Scrummo!!  These are the perfect size to take on summertime picnics or pop into portable lunches for school or work . . . or even just to munch on when you are feeling a bit peckish.  
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We've been having such fabulous weather lately that yesterday I decided to put some of it to good use and make some tasty Pressed Picnic Sarnies to share with the Toddster . . . with the view in mind of taking ourselves off into the Welsh countryside . . .  
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These are the easiest and the tastiest of picnic sandwiches.   They are simply layers of meat and cheese and vegetables compressed between two layers of crisp chewy Italian Slipper bread, or Ciabatta as it is called.  
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You can choose your own favorite filling ingredients, but what I have shown you here is what I like to use . . . ham, turkey, salami . . . three tasty slices cheeses . . . gouda, emmenthal and edam . . . crisp and peppery rocket and sweet basil leaves . . . sweet pickled hot peppers and sweet gerkins . . . roasted red and yellow peppers, ripe tomatoes and marinated olives . . .  
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You line the bottom half of the loaf with a good layer of tangy grainy mustard mayonnaise . . . and the inside of the top of the loaf with a tasty layer of Boursin cheese.  This helps to prevent the bread from getting soggy.   You wrap all of those layers tightly in cling film and then compress them just so . . .  
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You do need to make these ahead of time so that you can give them plenty of time for the flavours to meld together and blend into the perfect mix of deliciousness.   Three hours will do it, but ideally overnight is best if you have the time. 
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When you are ready for your picnic, just slice open the covering and cut that tasty baby into five or six thick slices which are then ready to wrap and pack for your portable meal!   Unless of course it is raining . . . which it is today.  We picnicked in the confines of our lounge as we watched it pelt against the windows.  Sure . . . it would have been nicer to be gazing out upon a field of lovely sheep . . . but that's England for you  . . . when life hands you lemons and all that . . . you know how it goes.  
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*Pressed Picnic Sarnies*Makes 5 to 6 servingsPrintable Recipe  

Layers of color and beautiful flavors.  Perfect summer picnic fare!
1 Ciabatta loaf, cut in half length wise(If you can get them the sun dried tomato or olive Ciabatta makes for a really fun sandwich)3 tablespoons grainy mustard mayonnaiseGarlic and Herb Boursin cheese1/4 pound thin sliced roast turkey1/4 pound thin sliced ham1/4 pound thin sliced German Salami4 slices gouda cheese4 slices of edam cheese4 slices emmental cheese
Roasted bell pepperssliced sweet gerkinssweet pickled jalapeno peppers (or any other hot pickled pepper you like)chopped marinated olivesthinly sliced red onionsthinly sliced ripe tomatoesFresh basil leavesFresh rocket leaves  
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Spread the mustard mayonnaise on the bottom of the ciabatta. Pull out some of the inner bread on the top half and discard.  (You can blitz it into bread crumbs and freeze it for another time.)  Spread the insides of the top half of the ciabatta with the Boursin cheese. Sprinkle the chopped olives over top and layer on the slices tomatoes, and some more  rocket leaves.  On the bottom crust of the ciabatta, layer rocket leaves and some basil leaves.  Add the sliced red onions. Layer on the meats.  Top with the cheeses.  Add a layer of roasted peppers, gerkins, and jalapenos.  Cover with top layer of ciabatta.  Press down lightly.  Wrap the  entire ciabatta tightly with several layers of plastic cling film, making sure it is well covered.  Place the wrapped ciabatta onto a chair and sit on it.  (I know this sounds silly, but it's the secret to a nicely pressed sandwich!)   Refrigerate at least 3 hours or overnight.  Remove from the refrigerator.  Cut way the plastic wrap and cut into individual sandwiches.  You should get 5 or six sandwiches depending on the size of your Ciabatta!  These are delicious!
Many thanks to the people at Boursin Cheese for sending me these tasty samples!

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