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Preparing Your Teen for Life

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they have to think about their children leaving home. Once the teenage years arrive, it can be a quick transition from child to teen to young adult. Many parents will agree it feels like the blink of an eye.

Preparing Your Teen for Life

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At this time in their lives, it is the perfect opportunity to give them some practical life skills they can take with them as they begin to make their way in the world. But what are the best skills to teach your child when they fly the nest?


Lessons include sorting colors and reading labels. Explain why some clothes require special care. Be sure to teach them how to use the washer and the dryer! Which button performs what and when? Mention the advantages of air drying and the distinctions among detergents and stain removers. This is a wonderful moment to encourage finishing tasks. One load from filthy to folded and put away is better than many loads of washed and dried laundry being left around.


Both girls and boys need to know how to shave correctly and care for their skin when they decide to do this. Facial shaving for boys can be complicated, mainly if you discuss growing mustaches or beards and the proper care. 

Teach your teen how to shave and care for the skin on their face and neck, along with other body parts they might want to shave. And include alternatives to shaving and hair removal for face, underarms, legs, and genital regions. It can save them a lot of pain and discomfort in the future.


Invite your kids to go grocery shopping with you. Discuss choosing the best fruits and vegetables and why the grocery store’s outer aisles are ideal. Show your teen how to make a shopping list with what you currently own. Discuss meal planning and nutrition factors to deepen the learning. Teens love to talk about food and what’s good for their bodies. Use this innate curiosity to communicate.

Money Management

The more money talks your teen hears, the more financial authority they get. Saving money for a school trip or college is a great way to learn about money management. Money conversation is a learned skill for many of us, so remember it before teaching it to your teen.

Time Management

This skill could significantly improve your teen’s life. It helps them control their destiny. Talk about your teen’s schedule. Consider developing a strategy for what to do if time runs out. This saves you later and gives them practice before they need to rely on time management for employment and make their way in the world.

Job Hunting

Finding work is difficult for those with experience, but it can be impossible for teenagers. Take it one step at a time, starting with job-hunting tools. A preteen or teen may build a solid CV at any age. Remember not to compare your teen to others you know. Show them how to play to their strengths and what skills are transferable from day-to-day life to the world of employment, including punctuality, attention to detail, ability to think on their feet, and act independently and confidently.

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Preparing Your Teen for Life

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