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Prepare Your Child for School with These 6 Tips

By The Shri Ram School
Ask parents what they dread the most, and most of them will answer one thing. The tantrums the kids throw, the crying, the whining, and the negotiation. Trust me when I say negotiation with the North Korean prince is easier than setting up terms with my 4-year-old son. The look, Oh my God the look of why are you doing this to me is the worst. I almost start feeling guilty for sending him to school. Be at that!
Even if you have got them admission in one of the best schools in Delhi, you just can’t expect a 4 year old to adjust with the changes. Not for at least a good 3-4 months. 
In case you are struggling with a child, just like me? Here are some tips for you. 
1. Prepare Yourself 
There is no such word as we are fully prepared. Even when your kid is fully wrapped in uniform always make sure that you leave early. The tactics mentioned in the first paragraph are repeated over and over which can make you late for school. 
2. It’s Okay to Make a Fool of Yourself 
Taking your school to the kid is not going to be a cakewalk. So just make sure you are ready to become whatever your kid desires. Sing, dance, become a superhero and make your kid stop from crying.   
3. Embrace What is Happening
This is the best time to bond with your kid. Also, remember these moments will only last for few years. So instead of whining like your own child, it’s better to embrace the moment.
4. Engage him while on the Way to School
Play a game that engages your kids while going to the school. It can be carpool karaoke. Or it could be something as simple as choosing a color and then spotting x no. of cars on the way. Don’t let your kids win always, okay sometimes!       
5. Perrenial Brain Busters
Mental maths, spellings, countries, and capitals play all these games. Not only will they make your trip interesting but also make your kid smarter. 
6. Buddy System
The foolproof and proven way to engage your kids in an activity they don’t want to do is to make them do it with their friends. Look up another family with a kid your kid gels well with and see him leaving all his tantrums at home.

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