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Prenuptials....A Necessary Evil?

By Innstilettos
Prenuptials....A Necessary Evil?
I am not sure whether prenuptial agreements were even around 25 years ago.  It did not matter.  I was marrying forever and so what was mine was his...which turned out not to be very much at the start of our marriage.  However, my rose colored glasses had a deep scratch placed in them over the past year when the unthinkable happened...I got divorced. 
Luckily for both my daughter and her future intended, they have not built their grand wealth yet so besides a borrowed couch and a hunting bow, there really is not much to worry about.  However, that is not the case for others.
Prenuptials....A Necessary Evil? 
Not that I have ventured down the lane of romancing the idea of getting remarried...but if I did...maybe I would have to consider this.  So the question I pose to those who read this is this...are prenuptial agreements for people plunging into the waters for the second time around or should they be considered for all that get married?
I think both.  My daughter is very young in the scale of today.  She will be almost 22 when she says "I do."  But of course, there are those who wait until they are in their thirties.  By then you might have amassed a small fortune and purchased a home.  A home you don't mind sharing a lifetime with your future spouse but not one you will want to see on a chopping block in divorce court.
Prenuptials....A Necessary Evil?
A prenuptial agreement, if desired, should be drawn up by an experienced marital attorney.  It is a sensitive subject so approach your partner with care.  Nobody wants to think the person they love is considering the end before the start has even taken place.
Another source...and there are many offered on the Internet is this site|14715093545&gclid=CNrU-6z4x7UCFYtU4AodcUEAxQ.  Like I said, I have not had the occasion to use such a contract but it might give you at least an understanding of what is involved.
Hopefully, it will stay in the filing cabinet forever.
Deborah Stilettos

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