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Pregnancy Dressing Tips

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Hi Imogen,
I have just recently started reading your blog and am appreciating all the info. you have there!I've determined that I am type X.  I have a long torso, defined, longwaist and short legs.   (at 5'6", I sit as tall as my 6'1' husband).I was wondering if you have any advice on how to dress during pregnancy.Should I still consider myself an X during pregnancy and try to adapt ideas accordingly?One challenge that I am finding is that the cover-belly length of maternity shirts makes my legs seem super short.
Pregnancy dressing tips
Pregnancy dressing tips by imogenl featuring ribbed leggings
Normally, you would dress a pregnant woman as first an H shape (if she was an X to start with) and then go to an O shape as her stomach expands.  As a proportionally very long body and short legs X, you will find that you need to take your proportions into play when dressing during pregnancy.
Unlike the traditional O shape who tends to want to make her stomach look smaller, pregnant women are usually happy to be seen as pregnant, so don't feel it so necessary to take away that focus on the stomach.
Dresses and skirts make your legs look longer as we don't know where your legs start.  Either try knee length or maxi length.
Wearing copped jackets and cardigans over the top of your longer maternity tops will draw attention up your body and visually balance your shorter legs.
Skirts that end around the knee with a long top will give you the appearance of longer legs.
Try layering tops or using a belly band to wear under regular length tops.  Layering will shorten your body to balance your legs.
Why not belt above your bump?  You can belt over longer cardigans and tops to shorten your torso and draw the eye upwards.
Don't forget to add some larger scale jewelry to draw attention up to your face.
 For some inspiration I'd suggest you check out these pregnancy style posts on Academic Chic who show a range of great pregnant X shape styling.  Or Nic at Domestic Sophisticate who also has lots of great style ideas for pregnant dressing.  And Teal from Expecting Chic also has great style.

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