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Praying for Nepal

By Englishwifeindianlife
Praying for Nepal

On Saturday, I felt something very strange, something I had never felt before. I felt the Earth move. At first I thought I was hallucinating, then minutes later I saw the news on my computer screen. That small wobble that lasted merely a minute, that had made me question my sanity and my stomach feel uneasy, had just destroyed the lives of thousands of people six hundred miles away in Nepal. My stomach was now in knots, my heart breaking, how could this happen?

I pray for those who have lost, I pray for those who are lost, I pray for those who are searching the rubble for precious lives and those who are working tirelessly to heal the wounded and care for the displaced.

Just as those tremors touched my city, this tragedy has touched my heart and left me, and the rest of the world, devastated. When a huge tragedy like this happens, we are reminded of fragility of life. We remember to hug our loved ones extra tightly and that we share the suffering of others, regardless of where on our planet they happen to be born. Tragedies like this show how irrelevant and pathetic racism and prejudices are. Death, suffering and even the Earth doesn't discriminate. We all feel pain and loss in the same way.

Please send your love and prayers and give to a reputable charity if you can.

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