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Prae Roup Temple, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

On the fourth day in Siem Reap we decided to visit the Angkor region one last time, our three day pass had finished so we purchased a single day pass.

We made one last round of Angkor Wat temple,  Prae Roup Temple that we had somehow missed, and gave the sunset on Phnom Bakheng a proper go.

Angkor Wat Temple

We had a quick stop at Angkor Wat from the eastern entrance, it wasn’t as crowded and still presented some nice views of the protruding central towers.

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Angkor Wat viewed from the Eastern entrance
Gopuras of Angkor Wat viewed from the East
Travis and Sonya at Angkor Wat Eastern entrance

The outer Eastern wall of Angkor Wat viewed from the West
Outer entrance Eastern wall of Angkor watt with Sonya taking a photo
Gopura of Angkor Wat viewed from the windows of the Eastern wall

Prae Roup Temple

Pre Rup temple is an eighteen meter high platform of three large towers. Once we reached the top we saw glimpses of Angkor Wat from afar.

East Mebon

Small temple with elephant statues around the outer terraces that made for good photos.

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Elephants around the terraces of East Mebon
Sonya with an Elephant at East Mebon
East Mebon Temple central structures

Phnom Bakheng

Having left Phnom Bakheng prematurely previously, we decided to give the sunset viewed from this hill once last go,  it was a nice way to end our time in the Angkor region, though I still think the sunset is overrated.

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Sunset viewed from Phnom Bakheng hill
Sunset viewed from Phnom Bakheng hill
Angkor balloon seen in the sunset

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