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Practice English Pronunciation Through Raps and Fast-Paced Music

By Tlb

Music is everything for both young and old alike. It can be the language of those who want to express joy, happiness, sadness, or hatred. For older people, music is the medium used to show they love a particular person, and until now, young people also express different feelings of love to their loved ones through music.


Today, music is not just used for further communication and medium of art and expression. In the context of language learning, it is also used as a method to learn English language. Yes; unaware are we of this or not, music is a very good tool to improve someone’s English even to the highest level.


But we’re not just talking about slow-paced music here. So much of the mellow and soft types of music, they sooth the soul a lot, but we’re talking about upbeat music here. Raps and fast-paced music is our trend to help us improve our English skills. If you look on the bright side, a person’s English skill can be practiced, sharpened, and tested particularly the pronunciation and diction aspect.


Wants to make a short evaluation exercise? I personally chose the songs below for you to sing and practice with. Enjoy the music and the learning as well.


Song #1: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

YouTube Preview Image


Song #2: Fly by Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna

YouTube Preview Image


Song #3: Nothing on You by B.O.B

YouTube Preview Image


Song #4: Tik Tok by Kesha

YouTube Preview Image


Song #5: E.T. by Katy Perry featuring Kanye West

YouTube Preview Image


You enjoyed the music, don’t you? I recommend you to focus on the rapped parts. It will really make your pronunciation better! Of course, if you want to have a proper learning, the language school that we have can guarantee you more audible results.

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