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Practicalities for Learning a Foreign Language

By Tlb
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For some people, learning a foreign language is a minor find. As long as they are contented in staying, working, and having a life in their own native country, as much as possible, they choose not to get their selves involved in foreign language learning. It’s definitely not a priority for them.

But for those who consider immigration, traveling to visit friends and families from foreign countries, for those who consider employment, education, and even communication from the boarders of their own native country, surely, learning a language is a must to them. I mean, with the level of modernization we are embracing today, we sure cannot limit ourselves with what we have in our own country, right? We want to reach the global level. We want to go beyond our boarders. We want to explore the possibilities of going out from the comfort zone and go for something we actually had never experience before.

Whether you accept it or not, all these things, require a person’s skills in foreign language. A person may think of various impractical reasons why it is not a must to learn foreign languages; but as far as practicalities are concerned, foreign language learning is a must indeed.

Here are few of the many reasons why people look forward to this kind of practical learning:

  • Immigration
  • Communication to families and friends
  • Employment and work opportunities
  • Studies and research
  • Travel
  • Studying abroad
  • Secret communication
  • Required course
  • Getting in touch with your roots
  • Revitalizing or reviving your language
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Food
  • Linguistic interests
  • Challenging yourself


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