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Power to Choose Estimation Tools Fail Customers

By Texter

How Good Are Power To Choose Estimation Tools?

Using bill estimation tools when you're shopping for electricity plans can really save you money. Ours are some of the best in Texas.
Why wait for your electric bill to arrive to find out what you’re paying? The Texas Power to Choose site fails its customers by not providing basic bill estimation tools. We do a whole lot better. And we save you money.

Imagine you go to a restaurant, and the menu has no prices. You have no idea what your tab will be until the waiter brings the check. You probably wouldn’t even sit down to order. Likewise, you should have a solid idea of what your power bills will be like before you sign up for a Texas electric plan. So, why use the bill estimation tools at the Power to Choose site?

Our series on how Power to Choose fails customers started with website functionality in Part 1. Then, Part 2 discussed comparing plans. In this installment, we look at bill estimation tools. Sure, you can see the advertised price on any broker site. But unless you compare the plan to your usage pattern, your monthly power bill will be a surprise.  And the estimation tools at Texas Electricity Ratings beats it hands down. 

Texas Electricity Ratings Estimation Tools

Combing through search results on Power to Choose can be a frustrating experience. You see the average price for 500 kWh, 1,000 kWh, and 2,000 kWh. But how does that translate to your actual bill? They leave you to do the calculations yourself. 

Each plan page on Texas Electricity Ratings beats out these three price points by showing an additional four more: 750 kWh, 1,500 kWh, 2,500 kWh, and 3,000 kWh. Below that, there’s a graph showing the rate by usage amount in 100 kWh increments between 100 and 5,000 kWh. Look at your last year of electric bills to find out where your normal usage falls. 

Then, there is a table where you can plug in your average usage to see how your bills will shake out each month of the year. Obviously, you’ll use more in the hot summer months and cold winter months. So you can predict how much you’ll spend each month for power. Immediately below the table, a line graph shows the same information for those who learn better by pictures than words. 

Again, Power to Choose has none of these helpful features. Compare plans on Texas Electricity Rating by opening each plan page in a new window. You’ll probably only need to open two or three windows. Enter your average usage in the box above the table of months, and you can tell which plan will cost you less over the year. 

Use Bill Calculator To Start From Scratch

If you’re brand new to selecting a Texas power plan, the TER Bill Calculator is a great place to begin your search. As with the individual plan pages, you enter your average usage. Then, you see the average bill and pricing profile for dozens of plans. From there, select the handful that look best and do a deeper dive with the tools on each plan page. 

Choose Confidently 

No matter how you look at it, Texas Electricity Ratings is more helpful than Power to Choose. Compare plans on https://www.texaselectricityratings.com, and you will pick your next power plan with confidence.  

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