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Power of Ten Video

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
Power of Ten Video
There's a chance not everyone has seen this video, so it is my duty to correct that. I've only seen it in college, but my 4-year-old boy's mind has already been blown by the video, and soon it will be his young sister's turn. The video was made 35 years ago, and unlike 35 year old movies with laughable special effects, this one is timeless (well, expect for the clothes the couple in the video wears. Obviously the '70s is the golden-age of fashion).
If your kids like space, this video will be the coolest thing they see today or this year. Don't wait for them to get to high school or to college, where a teacher will show them this video, and they will come home angry at you for depriving them of the experience and of a magical childhood. If you don't want your kids to hate you, show them this video.

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