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Power Down Hour

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Power Down HourAs a kid, I never was the one who wanted to stay up late. My sister would always beg our babysitter to stay up an extra hour after her bed time but me, I always enjoyed going to bed, getting comfy under my covers and reading a good book before calling it a night about 30 minutes later. Fast forward several years later and that's still my favorite way to end a long day. Of course, I also go to bed before 9:30 on any given night but it's because I feel my best being awake in the morning.
Power Down Hour
So why am I sharing this all with you? Well, I was given the opportunity to to review a novel called The Power Of When by . The book discusses all our a new program for getting back in sync with your natural rhythm by making small changes to your daily routine. You take Dr. Bres's Bio-Time Quiz to figure out your specific chronotype ( your personal biological internal clock ) and it categorizes you into 4 different areas; a Bear, Lion, Dolphin or Wolf. Once you narrowed down your chronotype ( and some of us may be in between a few ) you'll be able to function better at different times for a reason.
For me, I was categorized into a Bear. A Bear are 'go-with the flow ramblers, good sleepers and anytime hunters. We are fun-loving, outgoing people who prefer a solar-based schedule and have a high sleep drive. We're cautious, extroverts, friendly and easy to talk with. They are mostly alert mid morning into early afternoon and are mostly productive during late mornings.
Power Down HourOne figuring out my personal chronotype, everything really started to make sense as to why I do certain things plus planning out everything for when I do want to get things accomplished/cross off my massive to do list. I appreciate that the book pretty much gives you a time line of when you should be doing certain activities such as working out, making a phone call, talking to your boss about a raise, resting, studying and more. I actually realize many of my 'daily tasks' involve me getting up early at around the same time that the book said I would be at my best. Woah!
Interested in learning more about this novel? You're in luck! I'm picking one lucky winner who will get their own personal copy of The Power Of When! All you need to do is write a comment below telling me why you're excited to read this book and I'll be picking a winner September 9th! Good luck!
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