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Potty Training Little Ones

By Bgme @babygearmom

Potty training. It can be one of the trickiest milestones, for parents too. Galloping Minds’ “Potty Training Little Ones” story book outlines the process once your child is ready to take that big step. It goes over every thing from: picking out their new potty, what to do when on the potty and what happens after.

In addition to the motivating story, each facing page is an opportunity for your child to color too! Imagine having them color one page with each read; a smart way to reinforce it all. The back of the book also has a “wall of fame” – two pages of  stars your child can also color after each successful trip. Think of it as an additional potty prize!

So how do you know if your child is potty ready?  I’d say begin with the cues.
Make sure your child has shown interest or curiosity about using the potty.
My kids liked to mimic mom and dad, so we really capitalized on that and it worked great.  If they’re yanking off the diaper or their clothes, that’s a definite sign too!

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