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Potted Christmas Trees – Keep the Memories Alive

Posted on the 22 December 2011 by I Prefer Organic @ipreferorganic

potted Christmas treesEvery year when December comes I get so impatient to decorate the Christmas tree. This time the holidays are even more magical for us as our toddler Dani is grown enough to get the spirit and to enjoy the whole buzz. So, while choosing a tree a week ago, we decided to take something special – a potted Christmas tree. We hope to make it last to remind us for this first Christmas with our son.

How special are the potted Christmas trees?

Actually, there are 4 options to spend the Christmas holidays:

- with a chopped Christmas tree, which since recently, I’ve started to consider as an unnecessary cost that nature pays for our invented traditions;

- with a plastic one. Hmm, plastic is not eco-friendly and in this case either. But it is probably slightly better than a chopped tree;

- with no tree at all. I had one such year and though it is the most eco-friendly option, I remember it was very sad too;

- or buying potted Christmas trees.

Do you already see how special potted Christmas trees are? You can spend a few Christmas holidays with one potted tree till it becomes so big that you cannot keep it at home any more. Then you plant it outside – in your garden, back yard, or even in the school yard of your kids. And the sweetest thing of all is each time when you pass by your grown-up tree you feel the proud of planting it. It also gives you vivid memories of previous holidays and family gatherings.

How potted Christmas trees can survive?

Some of you may be discouraged to buy a potted Christmas tree because there are significant chances that the tree will not survive. Well, just gather as much information as possible for the kind of potted tree you buy and keep the rules. For example, the one that we got we keep it outside (even decorated). It is safer there, because our son can easily destroy it, because of the heating that makes the potted Christmas trees more sensitive to cold and because it generally feels better outside.

Finally, I’d like to wish you Very Happy Christmas Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Let 2012 bring you health, love and luck!

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