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Potential Insomnia Cure!

By Newsanchormom

Potential Insomnia Cure!
As a mom of three, I don't get enough sleep. When I get the opportunity to get some zzz's, I usually can't turn my brain off to fall asleep. So the idea of a cooling device on your head to help you sleep sounds much better than Ambien! I will totally try this if it hits the market. What do you think?
FROM NBC: A small study has found people suffering from chronic insomnia fell asleep faster and slept longer when they wore cooling caps. The cooling effect reduces cerebral metabolic activity -- which is associated with insomnia. The caps contained tubes with circulating water. Researchers say this could be a good natural alternative to using prescription drugs. This small study included 12 people with insomnia and 12 healthy control subjects. Average age was 45 years old.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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