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Postcards From Rimini, Italy

By Gail Aguiar @ImageLegacy

Rimini, Italy (2)

These photos are just a glimpse of Rimini from our anniversary trip in June. We loved our time there, but we didn’t spend it in pursuit of culture — for that we went inland, visiting San Marino (the main reason we went to Italy) and historic places such as Gradara and Urbino (post to come). Instead, we used Rimini as a seaside escape, a place to dine in the evenings and sleep. We got an incredible deal on accommodation that was recently renovated and we stayed there the first weekend it was open.

The one big impression Rimini made on us was that we have never seen so many umbrellas in one place before. Imagine more than 20 kilometres of umbrellas! It was quite a sight.

Rimini, Italy (4)

Rimini, Italy


Rimini, Italy (3)

Rimini, Italy (5)

June 21, 2015
Album: Italy 2015

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