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Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Manofmany @manofmanytastes


The likes of Farmville and Farming Simulator proved that many of us yearn to till our own vegetable patches. If that’s the case with a friend of yours, why not use this new fixation as a theme for a gift? Well, perhaps presenting your mate with a swathe of farmland might be too big of a challenge, but you may start off with something a bit more humble. PostCarden is basically a postcard married with a teeny tiny garden. Just pop it open, sprinkle the seeds on the base, treat it with some water and leave it on a window sill for a couple of weeks. Soon, you’ll see sprouts of garden crest unfurling through the paper. Don’t forget that it’s edible and healthy, and remind your friend that it’s not just virtual crop that needs harvesting! $12.50 – 24.00 

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