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Postcard ; Yoyogi Park

By Winyeemichelle
Postcard ; Yoyogi Park etcJapantravel

Postcard ; Yoyogi Park

Postcard ; Yoyogi Park

A belated note from { T O K Y O }.
Dear Daisybutter,
Yoyogi Park is pretty cute, isn’t it? We wandered here from Shibuya and it’s pretty great. We can’t quite find Harajuku though. Three Chai’s, no sense of direction and no Wi-Fi does not make a great travel combination. We’re loving spying first bloom of sakura from winter-washed trees and looking on as people go about their daily business: dog walking, dance troupes practicing and filming, love-addled couples strolling hand-in-hand, women in on point heel and trench coat combinations.
We’re marvelling at the cleanliness of the park, of the kindness of strangers, of the natural beauty of our surroundings. Species of flower, tree and bird that we’ve never seen before, perfectly melding together in this beautiful haven.
The dog park is pretty special too. We wish we had one in England, please. You even have to have a members’ card to take your dog in! Divided into two with a wire partition by pooch size, it’s pretty incredible watching the dogs recognize each other and play games together while their owners watch on and catch up with each other also.
We found a crepe van earlier too! So ridiculously good. Crepes in the early spring sun before finishing up our – eventually successful – quest to find Meiji-Jingu, the ideal way to wile away an afternoon.
Love, Michelle x

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