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Postcard: Uluwatu, Monkeys and a Temple #TheWeeklyPostcard

By Aswesawit @aswesawit

Dear Luke and Leia,

Today we went down to the southernmost point of Bali, to Uluwatu, to see Monkeys and a temple. We sure wish you two were here to see the monkeys. They were very cute. The cliffs where the Temple is located were spectacular, with sheer dropoffs into a deep blue sea. Walls and pathways lined them so you had great views of the ocean everywhere.


Uluwatu with cliffs dropping into the blue ocean

Uluwatu Temple

The Temple at Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple

Temple Priest Texting

We must tell you what happened to Joseph while walking past the monkeys. Mr. Richard told him to stay close and hold Ms. Vonce’s hand, but like you he didn’t want to. Out of nowhere a monkey came and tried to grab one of Joseph’s shoes off of his foot. It scared Joseph terribly, but the monkey did not get the shoe. Now he will be more careful to listen.


Pathway where Joseph nearly lost his shoe

We saw so many monkeys and there are two that really captured my attention. One had a red berry it was eating and the other, Leia, you would have wanted to take home. It was a mother with a baby in her care. The baby clung to the mother, but was very curious as I was taking his picture for you.

Uluwatu Monkey

Curious baby monkey clings to his mother

Uluwatu Monkeys

Monkey up close

Uluwatu Monkey

Monkey eating a red berry

I hope you enjoy the photos that I am sending to you today. Nana and I had to wear what you would call a dress but they call a sarong. It is a large, colorful piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself like a dress or skirt. Both men and women wear them in this part of the world and it is customary to wear them to cover your legs when visiting a temple.


Nana and Pap

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