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Postcard: Snarling Jaguar Street Art

By Aswesawit @aswesawit

Street Art 00093 Postcard: Snarling Jaguar Street ArtSnarling Jaguar Street Art

Trying to find a place to park in Panama City’s old town can be a challenge at the best of times since this 350-year-old city just doesn’t have a lot of areas reserved for automobiles. Sometimes driving around just isn’t enough. Locals know that and often earn a few extra dollars by pointing people to hidden parking areas.

That’s how we found this snarling jaguar street art, by being directed to secluded parking lot on a side street. Most of the parking lot’s concrete block walls were painted, which is not surprising since here in Casco Viejo, street art is everywhere. It seemed to us that someone has a lot of talent and we’d love to know who created it. 

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