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Postcard: Emerald Pool, Dominica #TheWeeklyPostcard

By Aswesawit @aswesawit
Emerald Falls, Dominica

Beautiful waterfall at Emerald Pool, one of many in Dominica

Dear Luke and Leia,

Welcome to the country of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea.  The capital is named Roseau and the island is known as the Nature Island, one that Christopher Columbus would still recognize even today.  This tropical island is lush, green and full of fresh water and home to the Carib Indians.

Nana and I got to hike down to a waterfall called Trafalgar Falls and then got to go swimming.  The water tasted like we were swimming in a bottle of Dasani drinking water.  We used our mask and were able to see new fish that we had not seen before.

On another hike we came to this waterfall in the picture.  It is called Emerald Pool because of the color of the little lake at the bottom. The water is so fresh that I even had a drink before leaving.


Nana and Pap

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