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Post-Modern and Futuristic Home Design

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Hello everyone!

Have you ever heard of post-modernism architectural design?  For those of you who haven’t, it’s a combination of architecture and interior design where your home is designed with a combination of  high-tech and organic. It’s also an architectural movement where technology, in the blink of an eye, changes everything from building materials to design to living styles. Technology even allows homes and buildings to provide some of their own power sources.

Architects and interior designers will tell you that the term “post-modernism” is not an unfamiliar term to them.  It’s what they aspire to create.  Post-modernism is the ultimate in artistic and innovative building design.  Post-modern houses may be humorous or appalling, but they will always be unique.

The modern architecture that we enjoy today will be someday be considered an historical curiosity, because in the future the shape and size of buildings will be totally different.  But like all art, architecture and design evolves with time. We live in the era of rapidly changing technology, where everything it influences also evolves at a unbelievably fast pace.  We have to make an extra effort to take time to “smell the roses.”


Taking Interior Design to all new level

Can you see yourself living in a house that can do just about anything for you?  Where your home is controlled by a finger touch system?  Where paying your bills is a finger away?  Then have I found a house for you to buy!  It’s all high-tech generated.  It’s not yet, unfortunately, on the market to purchase.  You’ll have to wait a few years and the price is well, I’ll let the host tell you.

As beautiful as the interior design of the house is, I think I agree with the host: it’s a house that would make you lazy!  To me this house is such a inspirational testament to visionary thinking architects and designers.  Can you see yourself living in all tech home?

Before I sign off, I want to thank you, my readers, who send me e-mails, I love hearing from you. It’s the ultimate compliment for me as a blogger to hear from you.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!



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