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Post Conference: Using Social Media to Recruit and Brand 2012

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Weszmadz @weszmadz

Post Conference: Using Social Media to Recruit and Brand 2012

This is the post conference posting to the previous post. It was a two day conference and I only attended Day one so the quick summary below is only for Day one and from 5 speakers

Great Line up of speakers and great delegates.


12 points From the Conference

  • Social media is the top mobile media activities among mobile web users in South Africa
  • 57% of tweets from Africa are sent from mobile devices (Cool Tech Jan 2012)
  • 70% of Social Media in South Africa is being accessed from a mobile phone…(Google SA, 2011)
  • Support of mobile is critical to success of your social media strategy
  • First step when contemplating a social media strategy is LISTEN!
  • “Twitter is to Facebook as Email Newsletter was to a website” Candice Goodman
  • Use Twitter as a messaging platform to generate traffic to your sites like Facebook or mobisite
  • Because most social media is accessed from a mobile phone, then give them a mobile friendly site to go to!
  • Companies are no longer exclusively in control of their brand messages
  • Consumers controls how your brands are being perceived online.Use everyone and everything to promote your organisation on the Social SpaceMake it a standard practise to have all level of management on professional social networks like LinkedIn
  • Do you consistently communicate your Brand across all Candidate and Employee Social Media channels?
  • Have three core messages that you repeat across your networks

From Twitter #SMB2012

Candice Goodman@candicegoodman@jamiefrank87 from #SuperSport kicks off Social Media Branding #SMB2012 with video from ChatterBoxDigital

 “@candicegoodman: @WeszMadz #FutureofMedia And u showed us today the value of social media by #WesleysRules! #smb2012

@candicegoodman: @ExpressCent@WeszMadz wasn’t just great, but true brilliance. We were privileged. 2 here him speak” #SMB2012

Candice Goodman@candicegoodman @GarethMcGuire really njoyed your presi at Social Media Branding #SMB2012, especially your #Breed Process!

Mike Said@mike_said_what#smb2012 Delivering a talk on The Prevention & Handling of a Social Media Crisis. Using #Prezi for the first time. Will post link later

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