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Positivity/Positve Energy

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Feel Extreme Goodness And Happiness Around Me. A Spiritual Peace And Tranquility With The Signs And Assurance Of The Positive Things To Come.

Since I Was A Young Teen I’ve Noticed How My Environment Truly Made A Difference In My Quality Of Life. The Negativity That I Often Encountered Came From The Negative Vibes Of “Unsettled” People Who I Naturally Did Not Care To Be Around Or Bothered With.

While They Were Trapped In Their Dilemmas My Spirit Sought To Escape From The Atmosphere Of Their Dread And Despair. I Could Not Relate To Them. They Were Not A Part Of My World, Plans Or Dreams. Their Habitat Was No Place For My Vibrant Spirit To Absorb Energy From.

I Could Never Stand To Breath In Places That Stank With Hideous Odors. I Loved To Breath In The Fresh And Clean Airs Of Fragrances That Were Pleasurable And Refreshing To My Senses.

I Walk Alone In A Path That Generates Luck, Love, Life And Laughter. A Solitary Path That Brings In The Beings (And Blessings) That Are The Most Suitable, Vital And Appealing For My Spirit To Connect With.

As An Individual Who Always Entered Into Things Wisely, Continuously Learning And Observing The Conflict Within Those Who Endeavored To Cause “Static” (Interference, Obstruction, Negativity,) Through Their Own Ignorance And Insecurity, I Can Attest To One Thing For Sure.

They Do And Will-Without A Doubt-”Get Theirs”.

Everyone Who Ever Attacked Or Attempted To Attack Me In Return Had To Suffer. Something Negative Ended Up Happening To Them And I Would Know Why Even If They Could Not See It For Themselves. Some People Do Not Realize That They Are Wrong In The Things That They Say And Do As They Are Blinded By Their Own Sicknesses.

And I Do Not Speak These Words Out Of Resentment Or Vendetta. I Speak These Words Out Of Pure Satisfaction In The Positivity. In The Guarantee That Positive Energy Prevails And Will Continue To Serve Out It’s Purpose As Well As Cause Destruction.

Positivity Will Execute The Negativity That Gets In The Way. I Have Not Once Experienced The Pains And Hurts That Enemies Intended To Place Upon Me Due To My “Positive Energy” (Nature, Level, Way Of Thinking, Character Of Being, Strong Spirit).

Their Negativity Is Absolute Nonsense To Me. A “Nonsense” That The Energies That Surround Me Automatically Boomerang Back. Straight Out Into The Universe Right Back Unto Them.

This Is Spiritual. A Vindication Not Done By Me But On My Behalf. A Little Deeper Than What Goes Around Comes Around-More Of A Justification That Administers A Severe Lesson To Be Learned To Those In Particular Who Need To Be Taught.

I’ve Watched In Delight Now And Over The Years,With No Remorse, In The Supernatural Affects Of The Universe. The Powers That Be That Afflict Those Who Surely Deserve It.

So I Do Not Fret When Enemies Trespass Against Me Because I Know That They Are Just Setting Themselves Up For An Instant Or Future Downfall Within One Way Or Another. These Fools Should Know Better Than To Mess With A Spiritual Person.

The Positivity And Positive Energy From My Love And Light Gives Me A Warm Home To Live In. Water To Wash Up In. Food To Eat. Clean Clothes To Wear. A Comfortable Bed To Sleep In. Entertainment To Keep Me Occupied. A Brain To Function With And All Of The Other Essentials Required To Live A Quality And Healthy Life. The Things That Really Count And Matter. And That Is A Great Part Of Absolute Success.

My Ambition

I Am And Have Always Been Very Ambitious. I Have An Uncontrollable Fire That Burns Intensely Inside Of Me.

I Am Full Of Reasonable Optimism But Far From Naive. I Do Believe That Anything Is “Possible” And Nobody Knows That Better Than Me As I Have Experienced The “Incredible”.

When You Have True Faith And Are Open To New Ideas And Unconventionality There Is No Limit To What One Can Achieve. And As A Spiritual Person With Experience And Perseverance I Can Attest To That.

My Bubbly Nature (High-Spirited Attitude) Has Allowed Me To Approach Life With Excitement. A Great Enthusiasm To Conquer Whatever May Stand In My Way, To Challenge Myself, To Discover And Explore, To Expand And Create, To Be All That I Can Be And Accomplish.

I Love Powerful “Momentous” Things That Provoke Change And Stimulate Improvement. I Like To Analyze And Exchange Ideas/Perspectives, And Thoroughly Evaluate Circumstances.

I Am In Connection With The Universe And Just Have That Continuous Zest.

My Spiritual Nature Undoubtedly Accounts For Most Of My Inspiration And Motivation As “Energy” Is A Positive Generator Of Productive Activity.

Sometimes Our Spirit Leads Us Into Opportunities And Destinations Before We Ourselves Become Fully Aware Of What We Are Suppose To Do Or Where We Are Suppose To Go (And Be).

The Most Vital Things In Life Is To Love And Respect Yourself. To Be True To Yourself. To Believe In Yourself And To Not Sell Yourself Short By Not At Least Endeavoring To Make The Great Efforts Of Attaining A Well Deserved And Fulfilling Goal.

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Positivity/Positve Energy

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