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Porto Street Art By Costah

By Gail Aguiar @ImageLegacy

street art by Costah (R. de Aníbal Cunha, Porto)

One of my favourite street artists in Porto is Nuno Costah, aka Costah, a guy in his early 30s whose art you see here is inspired by his grandmother. I love to see his colourful birds and characters, full of expression and amusement, brighten up the concrete. Costah paints more than birds on walls, though, he’s a prolific illustrator and his popularity as a tattoo artist has taken him on tour around Europe.

There’s a video on his website that’s both about Costah and Porto, which describes him better than I can (with English subtitles) and gives a local’s perspective of the city:

You can see more of Costah’s work in Instagram, or on his Facebook page, or website: http://www.costah.net/

Here’s a shot in front of one of his murals, taken last summer with Jessica Mezey:

Angry Birds (costah.net) / model: Jessica Mezey

You can see more of my tagged Costah street art works (from both DSLR and mobile phone) here, a collection that will continue to grow over time.

More Porto street art on my Pinterest board: https://pinterest.com/gailatlarge/porto-street-art/

March 2, 2016
Album: Portugal [Winter 2015/2016]

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