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Pops of Vintage

By Fringefries
This past weekend was gloomy, raining and the perfect weather for thrifting! For some reason when its ugly out all I want to do is rummage through racks, searching for some treasures. So that's exactly what I did! I spent a few hours at my favorite thrift store in Long Beach and came out a winner!Pops of Vintage
Thrifting is one of those things I can easily get overwhelmed with and I defiantly need to be in the mood to take it on. I always mentally prepare myself before I get to the store. I think of the key pieces, colors and fabrics I'm going to look for. Then when I get to the store, I littering comb through every rack looking for my specific 'key pieces'.
This time around my key pieces to look for were: pops of color, blazers, silk, collared shirts, plaid and high-waisted denim. I found a ton of stuff! The next step is to try everything on. Only keep the items that: fit you good, have no stains and only need slight alteration, if any.
I ended up with two amazing blazers in orange and bright red, vintage high-waisted jeans (I will be cutting into shorts), a plaid blazer jacket and a teal silk blouse with military details.
Everything was $5! Which means I only spent $25 on everything (plus dry cleaning for a few pieces). I'm so excited to post some outfits with my new finds!
What are your key pieces you look for when thrifting?
Pops of Vintage
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