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Pom Pom Wow

By Evette Garside @evette77

I first saw the Pom pom wow set at this years blog on conference at the end of last month. It involves decorating cute little Pom poms which can then be stuck to many surfaces. I knew my 8 year old daughter would love this and o wasn't wrong either. Needless to say I was quite happy when we got sent the set.
Pom Pom wow
" Pom Pom WOW! Is the new way to beautify your world by placing pom-poms on anything and everything! Create scenes, imagery, unique and complex shapes, messages and even custom pom-poms."

The large box it comes in is actually quite deceptive as the unit itself is fairly small in comparison.

Pom Pom wow

This plastic case then opens up to reveal the Delux Dip and Create Station.

Pom Pom wow

This comes almost assembled as per photograph above. What we needed to do was attach the tape roll which consists of glue dots, attach the ink stamper, mixer tray and the Pom Pom trays. Then you can begin.

Pom Pom wow

There are 75 Pom poms per kit. They come in small sealed tubes. To start they get placed in the pink Pom Pom trays. The tray is then attached to the colour station purple clamp and dipped in either ink or paint, add a glue dot, stick and open up the Pom poms, fairly easy.

Pom Pom wow

We did come across slight problems, firstly getting the Pom Pom pink tray into the clamp is tricky. It sits above the paint and ink pads meaning there isn't much room to put it in, tho smaller fingers will find it easier. The second problem is removing the tray once paint or ink is applied. It can be quite hard to pull it out.

Once made the Pom poms will look a little like this.

Pom Pom wow

They stick to many surfaces with the included glue dots, including wooden frames, furniture, tablet cases, phones, mirrors , toys etc. They are not so great on clothing as Izebella found out.

Pom Pom wow

Once the Pom poms are made extra colour can be added with included markers and a glue stick.

The Pom poms can even be stuck together to give a bigger and more original Pom Pom.

If you get bored of the included paints then the pipette and empty water trays enable the user to make their own colours. This new colour is then added in the smaller unit and colour squirted onto a single Pom Pom with the pipette.

Pom Pom wow

It's lots of fun for young girls to get creative, Jordanna loves it and enjoys making them for her friends and sister.

Pom Pom wow has its own social media channels.

Twitter: Pom Pom WOW! Is also taking over from 28th May. Join in with the Pom Pom wow fun on Twitter on Tuesday May 31st.
Pom Pom wow


Available in all large toyshops ( The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Smyths) or online at £29.99. Recommended age is 5 and over.

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