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Pom-Bear Zoo Snack Review

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
Are you looking for that perfect snack for children lunchboxes?In unique shapes which are fun for all?
Maxwell is a huge fan of Pom-Bear crisps. He enjoys the fact that they are easy to eat as they are quite soft and melt in his mouth and he can grip them well with his tiny little fingers. We recently found out that they have a new range out and Maxwell and I could not wait to get our paws on them.
Pom-Bear Zoo Snack Review
Pom-Bear’s have launched new Zoo snacks which come in a cheesy flavor. Instead of the original teddy bear shape, they have now changed the shape to cute zoo animals. The snacks feature the same light and crunchy texture that Mums would expect from the original Pom-Bears. The snacks are less than 100 calories per pack, free from artificial colours and preservatives, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.
With an RRP of £1.59 for a multipack of six, each pack has a selection of animal shapes inside, so not only do they taste great but children can have fun playing with the pieces before eating them. These snacks are the perfect lunchbox filler or would make a perfect snack at childrens parties.
The new snacks have a light cheesy taste which is not strong. I have not been a fan of cheesy flavored crisps in the past however the new zoo animals taste great.  The zoo animals have a unique taste and the texture gives a light, crispy bite.
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Pom-Bear Zoo Snack Review

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