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Polyvore Guide for Brands & Retailers: Style Analytics

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Wishpond @Wishpond
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What are Style Analytics?

Polyvore Guide for Brands & Retailers: Style Analytics
Polyvore’s Style Analytics provides various data and insights
into your brand on Polyvore. You can use these analytics
to better understand your customers, potential leads,
competitors, which items are most popular, and more.

1. Impressions: Are broken down day by day over a period of a month, which calculates how many people view your sets,
collections, profile, etc.

2. Engagements: Are broken down in the same way as
impressions – day by day over a month’s period. Engagements
refer to how many people are interacting with the brand/
retailer – which includes likes, saves, clips, and more!

3. Rank: Rank is the number that tells you how popular the
brand/retailer is. As you can see, Topshop’s rank is 4. Which
means Topshop is the 4th most popular brand on Polyvore.

4. Statistics: Rounds up the monthly amount of your
Impressions and Engagements. On the graphs, it only says
how many per day. The statistics adds up them up into
monthly periods.

5. Brands Ranked Closely: This is a cool feature that
allows you to view brands that have similar impressions
and engagements. It may open your eyes to some new

6. Top Items: Shows you which of your items on Polyvore arethe most
popular at the moment. It includes which ones have the most views, saves and sets.

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