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Polly & Cracker’s T-Shirt Design Process

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Polly & Crackers is a hip T-shirt line that operates BestFunnyBlog. We are frequently asked “how do you come up with your designs?” Well…here’s how:

Polly & Cracker’s T-Shirt Design Process“First, a burst of genius is triggered (most frequently at a bar�存ometimes at the zoo or while taming zebra). The idea is then documented. After a couple weeks of deliberation, 98% of the ideas are classified as garbage. The details are worked out with the ones that make it. Finally, a pictorial element is added, either by freehand or by altering an image.” Another Example:

Polly & Cracker’s T-Shirt Design Process

And their you have it. The T-Shirt design process by Polly & Crackers. Check us out!

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