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[Poll] Can Or Bottles? Or Both?

By Bolanrox
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If we looked back far enough the was a probably a question that was up in the air from as long as canned beer has been around.  At some point, before the lining of the cans, I could see why one may impart some off flavors.

In the modern days of high-tech science and polymers though, does it make any real difference.  There have been enough blogs defending the virtues of the modern can, which may / may not have been tainted by the Macro beer connection (though i would assume MBC sells as many bottles as they do cans?)

I have always been of the mindset that just about everything I drink gets poured into a glass, so the textual differences / change in nose between bottles or cans has never been an issue.  In terms of drinking from one storage medium or the other, I would be more inclined to drink from the can than a bottle.

Cans look like they are going the storage method of the future, with more and more craft brewers adding them to their lineups, or foregoing bottles all together.  In the end though, are you OK with this? Or do bottles really make a difference in the taste and enjoyment of the beer for you?

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