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Polka Dots & Hearts of Ivy

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
polka dots & hearts of ivypolka dots & hearts of ivyI'll just start with this: I had a really lovely weekend. From a hip hop show to dancing with my friends until 3am to a gorgeous hike to celebratory potato burritos to church and coffee and cribbage games and karaoke; I can't possibly complain. Then, to put a cherry on top, on Sunday afternoon my wonderful friend Danielle took some photos of me for graduation announcements. This is the first of three sets.  polka dots & hearts of ivypolka dots & hearts of ivyI'm not sure who made/prunes this ivy heart, but it is a perfect example of the kind of town I live in. It's right downtown and is of course a favorite spot for engagement photos & the like. I'd love to meet it's maker. polka dots & hearts of ivypolka dots & hearts of ivyI hope you are all getting the sunshine that Washington has been blessed with! I'm beyond ready for hikes, picnics, beach sunsets, evening strolls, reggae night, lake days, and everything else that tastes like summer. polka dots & hearts of ivyAlso: you fantastic readers have to help me choose which photo to use for my announcements! There will be two more sets of photos this week, but if you think one of these is it, let me know. You're the best. 
skirt: Buffalo Exchange, tank: H&M, necklace: PacSun, boots: Charlotte Russe

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