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Police Shootings in Germany Compared to the US

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
via Dialog International
 Last year German police fired off 85 bullets in total - in a nation of 85 million people: 
Police officers in Germany fired 85 bullets in 2011 in the entire country while pursuing crminals; 49 of these were warning shots.  The police fired targeted shots at individuals 36 times, during which 15 people were wounded and six killed, according to statistics provided by the Police College in Muenster.
Meanwhile the New York City police fired slightly fewer bullets - 84 bullets, to be exact - at one man, while their colleagues in Los Angeles fired 90 times at an unarmed teenager.  Still, there is far too little bloody mayhem in the United States to satisfy the NRA; the organizaiton is pushing to allow concealed weapons in schools, churches, hospitals, and even courtrooms.  Read Battleground America: One Nation Under the Gun.
What could possibly account for that staggering difference? Why do comparisons between the US and Switzerland as well as comparisons between the US and the UK abound, but you never hear anything about Germany? What's going on over there?
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