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Police Investigating Private Organ Donations

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
And now it is no longer just an issue between the Ministry of Health and the Matnat Chaim organization that promotes private kidney donation. They have complained about the organization and the police have opened an investigation into the organizations activities.
According to the Times of Israel, the police are investigating possible discrimination and the possibility that they actively trade organs for donations, and bumping patients up the line ahead of people on the donor waiting list who are often in more serious condition.
Regarding their activities, I hope they are found to be innocent. They have facilitated the saving of many lives through their efforts.
Regarding their efforts, as long as the recipient is not paying for the kidney, and the donor is not receiving money, I do not see how letting people specify relatives as recipients can be a problem. Chances of compatibility are so much higher, and people are more willing to become a donor knowing they are helping a relative than a stranger.
Regarding the actual laws regarding the financials, I have said in the past that while I understand they are there to prevent trafficking in organs, the end result is that every person in the chain of the organ donation ends up making good money off it, except for the donor and the recipient. Neither the doctors, the hospitals, the nurses, the ministries, the aides, the bureaucrats, the promoters, the marketers, or anybody else working within the chain works for free, and it seems unfair that the only people who cannot handle money for this are the people giving up the organ and receiving the organ. That does not seem right to me.
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