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Polaris Rose - OceanSongs EP

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Ripplemusic
Polaris Rose - OceanSongs EP
Begin established routine.  Search through promotional messages.  Listen to music linked in those messages.  Research the bands who created these songs.  Nothing strikes my fancy.  Hello?  What's this?  A song melding aggressive alternative rock guitar with poppy male and female vocals?  I like it!  Who is this that I am listening to again?  Ah, it's a band who goes by the name Polaris Rose.
Polaris Rose is based out of Los Angeles.  The group is made up of guitarist/vocalist Peter Anthony and bassist/vocalist Madelynn Elyse.  Kiel Feher handles the drums.  OceanSongs is the band's latest release.  It follows on the heels of another EP entitled The Moon & its Secrets.  Waveriders this collection of five songs sounds great!  Peter and Madelynn both have strong voices that blend seamlessly with each other to create wonderful harmonies.  When it comes to the instrumentation the way these musicians combine alt rock, indie rock, pop, and a touch of the electronic to create their invigorating sound is very impressive.  Also the production on this EP is crisp and uncluttered, allowing every musical element to shine. 
All in all waveriders, I highly recommend that you listen to OceanSongs from Polaris Rose.  This EP rocks, it rolls, it brings the energy in the room down, it brings it back up, it demands that the listener sing along, it solves complex arithmetic in five simple steps.  Okay it won't actually replace your calculator or abacus, but the rest is 100% true!  I want to hear more and I think you will too!
-- Penfold


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