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Poker Face (2022) Review

Posted on the 28 November 2023 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Jake Foley brings his friends together for a very high stakes poker game, but when secrets are revealed which leads to a massive revenge plot unfolding, oh and not forgetting the fact that thieves also breaking into his house.


To be brutally honest I wasn’t even going to waste my time in reviewing this film, as I really did feel it was that bad. However, I then decided that I actually wanted it to be logged on my blog and you know just to remind myself that I did somehow sit through the whole film.

I mean don’t get me wrong a high stakes poker game with secrets between friends coming out sounds pretty decent. In reality though we just get a big mess of a film that I don’t think Russell Crowe could really decide in which direction it was going. Considering he starred in it while also directing and co-writing the film, which is an Australian film. It does seem that Sky Cinema in the UK have had quite a lot of Australian films in the past few years.

Anyway the plot of the film attempts to surprise and shock the viewers, yet it more just left you wondering how and why. It just quite frankly did not make any sense and felt as though a few different storylines were just thrown together in an attempt to make a film. Considering the running time is just over 90 minutes it felt a lot longer than that, which is never a good sign that’s for sure!

I see this as one of those films I have watched, so you don’t have to! Although if anyone else has, for whatever reason, decided to watch it, I would love to know your thoughts on the ridiculous moments throughout this film!

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