Pokemon Charcadet Weaknesses Resistant Counters – Scarlet and Violet

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Pokemon Charcadet Weaknesses Resistant Counters – Scarlet and Violet – Game by Nintendo – Everything about Pokemon Charcadet like Weaknesses Resistant & Counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, all info.

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Pokemon Charcadet Weaknesses Resistant Counters – All info

Charcadet is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 9. It is known as the Fire Child Pokémon.

Evolve Armarouge into Pokémon Scarlet or Ceruledge into Pokémon Violet.

Scarlet The smoldering coal regenerated and evolved into Pokémon. Charcadet is a fierce fighter who will take on even the most challenging foes.

Violet When fights, firepower increases and reaches over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, enjoys fatty berries.

Charcadet Weaknesses

All movements of these types affect Charcadet

  • Ground
  • Rock
  • Water

Charcadet Immune

Charcadet is immune to these types

  • Nothing

Charcadet Resistant & Charcadet Counters

Charcadet resists the following moves and types

  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Fire
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Fairy

More Info & Easy Guide

You can defeat Charcadet with any move of the Ground, Rock, or Water types, but if you have Special Attack moves, you should concentrate on using them. Due to Charcadet’s stronger Physical Defense, using Special Attacks will be significantly more successful.

You should make sure you exclude Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice & Fairy type Pokemon out of your fight party if you wish to defeat Charcadet. Each of them is vulnerable to one or more of Charcadet’s strikes. Psychic and Ghost Pokemon should be avoided because Charcadet also possesses Dark moves.

About Pokemon S&V

There are many new Pokemon that may be found, caught, and fought against in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since they provide new features to the game. It can be difficult to tell what type a Pokemon is when you first encounter it in battle, so knowing what moves to use is crucial!

But you can change (if you want) to make it day or night in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check links

You can visit our guide on the Pokemon Type Chart to view every Pokemon’s weaknesses, resistant, strengths and counters. The Guide is based in Pokemon Go, but could be useful for you:

Pokemon weaknesses by type and their characteristics

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  • Fire Type Weakness
  • Water Type Weakness
  • Bug Type Weakness
  • Normal Type Weakness
  • Fighting Type Weakness
  • Electric Type Weakness
  • Ground Type Weakness
  • Rock Type Weakness
  • Fairy Type Weakness
  • Psychic Type Weakness
  • Steel Type Weakness
  • Ghost Type Weakness
  • Ice Type Weakness
  • Dark Type Weakness
  • Dragon Type Weakness

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