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POEM: Mundane Magic

By Berniegourley @berniegourley
POEM: Mundane Magic

The girl cast an incantation -
and as her words bore fruit -
they burned her as a witch.

-Blaming the woman
-Blaming her magic
-Blaming a Devil,

But granting amnesty to the words.

What human endeavor is unswayed
by the force of words?

What marauding army was sent off
without a flurry of furious words?

How many Generals have tried
to match the grace of the St. Crispin's Day Speech?
And though they fail,
their words aren't without kinetic effect.

What lost cause found victory in words
spewed by a red-faced coach
in a half-time locker-room?

Hasn't the stab of careless words
been felt more deeply than a dagger?
- splitting up couples, if not Empires.

It may be true that words don't kill people,
that people kill people,
but when did anyone ever get lethally worked up
in the absence of a well-sequenced string of words?

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