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POEM: Claustrophobic Shores [Blank Verse Sonnet]

By Berniegourley @berniegourley
POEM: Claustrophobic Shores [Blank Verse Sonnet]

The rain bands slant across the narrow track
between the leaden clouds and churning seas.
The vastness, standing before ocean's edge,
is boxed by rain, low clouds, and rising waves.

My view of infinite space shrivels up.
The water curtain hides what lies behind -
the lost horizon lies, disguised by lines
of squall that crawl with all the time allowed.

What brought me to this shore is now mislaid:
some sense that I could never be contained.
I'm sure that storm intends to push me home -
back to the box where it thinks I belong.

But then it passes by; blue skies beyond,
and I can see out past the trawler's shapes.

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