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Podcast: the Demonization of Israel

Posted on the 14 August 2016 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives

The Raw Material
Heya guys, this is Michael Lumish coming to you from Oakland California, the land of Mexican food trucks, the Hells Angels and medical cannabis.
Y'know, the guys over at J-AIRs Nothing Left, Michael Burd and Alan Freedman, were kind enough to allow me to express myself on their venue and I appreciate it very much. It all goes back to Shirlee Finn of Jews Down Under. Were it not for Shirlee Michael and I would never have met.
So, what I think that I want to do are regular podcasts - once a week - maybe five minutes or so.
My previous bits were under the heading of quote The Failure of Progressive Left Zionism unqote. And I ran through my critisms on that topic over at Nothing Left with the felahs in Melbourne. And, of course, its on the right sidebar here at Israel Thrives.
And, I have to tell ya, when a number of years ago I first drew up that list it seemed to me that these were criticisms very much in need of making. I knew that it would piss off certain people and it did. And the thing of it is is that this is not scholarly material, this is not academic work, these are merely my impressions and understandings put forward in a casual manner about a topic - the Arab-Israel conflict - that is important to me.
And the only reason that you would even be listening to this is because it is important to you, as well. I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone else would listen to this stuff. Can you???
So this format - podcast - or whatever the hell it is - is a kind of new start. And, I have to tell ya, that I am not the least bit comfortable with it. I am someone comfortable with producing text, not audio.
I think, tho, that my core message is that the demonization of Israel by so many on the progressive left is both unjust and a betrayal of the Jewish people and that Jews who care about the well-being of their fellow Jews should object!
Stand up.
Fight back.
Y'kno, this weird historical inversion that is so often employed wherein Jews are the New Nazis and Palestinian-Arabs are the New Jews is an ideological club used by anti-Jewish racists to smack the holy crap out of the Jewish people employing the very worst catastrophe that has ever happened to us.
In other words, progressive-left anti-Semites use the Holocaust as a bludgeon upon contemporary Jews.
And these are the people who think of themselves as anti-racist!
The hypocrisy is profound.

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