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Poco Mas

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
poco maspoco maspoco maspoco masJumper: New LookJeans: New LookShoes: New LookBag: PrimarkNecklace: H&MFor someone who "doesn't shop in New Look" I am wearing an awful lot of their stuff! Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of their shoes (and more so the price of their shoes!) but don't tend to buy clothes from New Look. This jumper was something I picked up when I felt the need to spend money (anyone else get that?) one afternoon, and although I don't wear it much, it's pretty nice and good for work. The jeans are new - I normally swear by Topshop jeans (especially their Leigh range) as they fit well and keep their shape. I'm also a 30" leg, which can be harder to find as jeans tend to have a 32" leg as standard. Anyway, I needed to replace one of my pairs of black skinnies for work, and while buying the above shoes I thought I'd give NL jeans a whirl. At £19.99, they are considerably cheaper than Topshop (£38+) and I'm actually really impressed with the fit. Apart from creasing around the knee slightly, they are perfect. Will have to see how they fare in the long run - I hate nothing more than when jeans lose their shape! 

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