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Please - Pay Attention

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I'm not saying I have ADD or anything. (Actually, I was getting worried so I took a few of those tests just in case). And I'm not meaning to make like of those with ADD or ADHD; having a few learning disabilities in the family as it is, I appreciate the real challenges.
I must start paying more attention to what I'm doing. I quite often get to a room and literally cannot remember why I'm there. It would help however, if I focused on the job in hand instead of faffing around and getting distracted.
For example, this morning I was on my way up to get the drying out of the dryer before got all creased  and needed ironing (I'm very American like that). On the way I -
- walked through the kitchen and noticed some of my window plants looking a little forlorn. Checked the soil; wondered if perhaps it's too cold for them. (It would be too cold for me in that window, I know that); moved a couple to the island - not sure where their final destination is at the moment.
- took three jackets from the kitchen and hung them in the coat cupboard. Saw that the hats and gloves were all jumbled up, so put them back in their own baskets and held back a few tiny ones for donation to the school jumble/garage sale.
- stopped off at the piano to close the lid; decided I would see if I could play one of the ten year old's pieces; spent ten minutes before I gave up trying to sight read bass clef efficiently.
- retrieved a print out of Major and Minor scales that I'd printed off yesterday and forgotten about. It's for the Man-Child but hey - went back to the piano to play them. Why not. (Have just realized that I left them at the piano instead of putting them on his desk.)
- stopped off at Man-Child's computer desk (obviously without the scales print-out). Shuffled a few pieces of paper around, put three mugs at the top of the stairs to take to the kitchen. Abandoned the idea of organizing his stuff. Why bother?
- realized ten year old had had a huge nose bleed this morning and I'd stripped his bed; got new sheets out and placed them where I'll see them when I put him to bed later. (No chance of me remembering about this before bed time.)
Took laundry out of dryer.
Somewhere along the way I put my cell phone down. It's on "silent" because I had it by my bed last night so there's no point in phoning myself. Wonder how long it'll take me to find it.

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