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Play It Again, Sam. What Happened at OpenAI? [+throwin' Shade on superAI]

By Bbenzon @bbenzon

What Really Happened at OpenAI? | Robert Wright & Timothy B. Lee

0:05 Bob and Tim seek Substack synergy
2:03 What was the OpenAI drama really about?
14:21 Viewing the drama through a (cynical) psychological lens
20:51 Were reports of a safety vs speed schism greatly exaggerated?
29:25 Larry Summers joins OpenAI’s board… time to panic?
39:53 Superintelligence, Sam Altman, and the singularity
44:25 Altman’s not so veiled ignorance
48:49 Overtime preview: superintelligence skepticism, the truth about effective altruism, self-driving car speed bumps, and more

P.S. On the issue of whether or not Altman is really concerned about safety, I have it on good authority that he loses sleep worrying about AI x-risk.

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