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Plaque of the Week No.95

By Lwblog @londonwalks

You've seen them all over the city: discs, tablets, cameos and plaques commemorating the great and the good of London Town. Every Tuesday we track down a London plaque (Blue or otherwise) and put it centre stage on the London Walks Blog. This week…
Plaque of the Week No.95
From time-to-time on the Kensington Walk we swing by this plaque. And the reactions are always the same. London Walkers from the UK always smile and, with music in their voices, say “Oh! Joan Sims!”
London Walkers from outside the UK always raise a quizzical eyebrow and say “Joan Sims?”
Ms Sims formed a part of the ensemble company of actors and comedians who starred in the long-running movie franchise The Carry On films. These risqué, quintessentially British comedies were filmed between 1958 and 1978 (with another added to the series in 1992) mainly at Pinewood Studios. Joan Sims starred in 24 of the films – only two less than Kenneth Williams, the most loyal of the team in terms of appearances.
A third reaction to the plaque can be found among younger London Walkers, born long after the Carry On Films were made, but familiar with the movies from TV. The question they often ask is: “Which one was she?”
Here’s the answer in a still from Carry On Cowboy (with Sid James)…
Plaque of the Week No.95
(You can buy Carry On Cowboy HERE.)
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