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Plaque of Carcosa - Ocean Is More Ancient Than Mountain

Posted on the 15 June 2019 by Ripplemusic
Been way too long since I've written a bit, so let's jump right in, shall we?
Plaque of Carcosa - Ocean Is More Ancient Than Mountain Plaque of Carcosa - Ocean Is More Ancient Than Mountain
Imagine a tuberculosis infected tortoise, staggering in slow, dying circles of decay.  Now imagine attached to that tortoise's left rear leg is a rubber belt driving a turntable motor to spin in staggering pace with his throes of death.  Now imagine on that turntable sits the debut album of Black Sabbath, slowly playing at swamp speed as the tortoise nears his end.  To this picture, add the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft, imagery and mythology.
That's the magic of Plaque of Carosa.
Now, don't get me wrong, all of this is a good thing.  If you like your doom, sludgy, thick as mud, and crawling at a tectonic pace, this Plaque is for you.  Bongripper, Cough, and Thou are all here in equally heavy measure, as the downtuned guitars grind through fuzzy riffs and bone-marrow rattling intensity.  Meanwhile, the thunder of the drums pulls you along as if dragged by our dying tortoise.  Two songs here, but encompassing 18 minutes of heavy.,  "Crawling Chaos" is a tribute to the great Nyaralethotep, while "Madness at Sea" harkens to the "Call of Cthulhu."   Colossal riffs, grindcore spasms, ambient walls of feedback.  It's all here, and it's all heavy.
Now pass the Lovecraft . . .
"Ocean is More Ancient Than the Mountains" is set for release digitally and on audio cassette via Sludgelord Records on July 19th, 2019.

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