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Plant of the Week: Citrus × Limon ‘Eureka’

By Davis Landscape Architecture @DavisLandArch

Citrus × limon 'Eureka' flower (22/05/2012, London)

Citrus × limon ‘Eureka’ flower (22/05/2012, London)

Position: Full sun

Flowering period: Spring

Soil: Moist, well drained, acidic

Eventual Height: 3.5m

Eventual Spread: 3m

Hardiness: 9a – 10b

Family: Rutaceae

Citrus × limon ’Eureka’ is a small evergreen tree with a rounded habit. Its dark green shiny  leaves are alternate, oblong to elliptic with serrulate margins and up to 10cm long. Its leaves emerge purple/ green. Its branches has occasional sharp spines, although fewer than on other varieties. Its fragrant white flowers are waxy with a purple base. Its yellow fruit is ellipsoidal. This tree is often grafted onto dwarfing rootstock to create a smaller tree.

The parent Citrus × limon, commonly known as the Common Lemon, is thought to have been first grown in Southern India, Burma and China. It is thought to be a cross between Citrus × aurantium and Citrus medica. It was introduced into Europe via southern Ital in the 1st century AD. Citrus × limon ‘Eureka’, commonly known as Eureka Lemon, was created in California in the late 1858. This variety of Lemon fruits all year round.

Citrus × limon 'Eureka' (22/05/2012, London)

Citrus × limon ‘Eureka’ (22/05/2012, London)

The etymological root of the binomial name Citrus is is from the ancient Latin name for this tree. Limon is the Persian name for citrus fruits.

The landscape architect may find  Citrus × limon ‘Eureka’ useful as a fragrant small evergreen tree that produces edible fruit. It can only be grown in the warmest parts of the UK.

Ecologically, C. ×

C. × limon ‘Eureka’ prefers moist, sandy loam soils. It prefers an acidic pH of soil.

Citrus × limon ‘Eureka’ requires little maintenance. This tree may be cut back severely without harming it.

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