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Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

By Weddingblog2011

Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

Once your wedding day is all done, you want your honeymoon to be just as memorable and fun as the ceremony! You only get one shot at your honeymoon, and some prior planning can help make it all you want it to be!

Have A Budget

Make sure you decide exactly how much you want to spend before you start making plans. If you don’t, you might be disappointed after seeing the price tag on that dream trip you planned. Also, when doing a budget, be realistic about how much things will cost. Include everything you can think of, then add some wiggle room for the things you did not consider.

Make Sure All Of Your Documents Are In Order

If you plan an international trip, make sure you have updated identification, and make sure and apply for visas and passports way ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be nervously waiting for that documentation to show up at the last minute, or even worse, for it not to show up at all. Don’t let a lack of proper documents make you have to cancel your trip.

Consider Using a Travel Agent

Putting together a honeymoon can be a hassle, and there are a lot of details that you can miss if you are not careful. A travel agent knows what to consider when planning a trip, and they have access to resources that you do not. They might also be able to find some deals that you don’t know about. However, keep in mind that if you go with a travel agent, you will have to pay them a fee, which could take away from how much you can spend on your trip overall.

Study Up On Your Destination

Make sure you do some homework on your destination. Find out about great places to visit while you are there, good restaurants, traffic tips, areas to avoid, and more. The more you know before you get there, the less chance there is that something can go wrong. It also just gives you some piece of mind.

Get Tickets As Early As Possible

Tickets for hotspots go fast – airline tickets, cruises, etc., especially the ones at the most convenient times. Even if you can find a last-minute ticket to where you want to go, it will definitely be more expensive than if you bought it early. Once you decide where you are going, nab those tickets as fast as you can!

Book Some Down Time

While you do want to explore and go to all kinds of activities on your honeymoon, make sure you book some down time, too. This is supposed to be a time for you to enjoy one another’s company and to get to know each other even better, so savor those moments. Also, planning some extra time can help give you some cushion in your schedule in case something goes longer than you expected.

Follow these simple tips, and remember to relax and have fun on your honeymoon!

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