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Planning for Differentiation

By Mrsebiology @mrsebiology
Below is a presentation I am giving this morning at my school's in-service day concerning how to plan for differentiated instruction based on pre-assessment data.  (You can also access the presentation here.) The goal of this presentation is to give teachers clear steps for using the results of pre-assessments in order to plan for differentiated classroom activities; the reason I'm giving it is so we can work towards meeting one of our school improvement goals regarding differentiated instruction in the classroom.  Too often, I think,  teachers use pre-assessments in their classrooms, but then don't know how to use that information in order to plan activities tailored for the different learners in their room.  
I hope you find something useful here; and, as always, if you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to comment or email me. (Just for reference, when I mention "Cecilia's book," I am referring to the book our reading consultant, Cecilia Frank, wrote and that we use to help students improve their reading, writing & thinking skills.)

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