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Planning for a Wedding Overseas

By Weddingblog2011

Planning for a wedding overseas

Getting married is an increasingly expensive business, particularly in the UK. There are also several factors which can put people off having a local wedding. These include the unpredictable British weather, large guest lists and broken family relationships which can make seating plans a nightmare. Many couples are therefore deciding to have an overseas wedding.

Having a wedding on a tropical island has the added convenience that couples do not have to move far for the honeymoon. Grooms looking for an element of honeymoon surprise can arrange in advance to send flowers to India or wherever they will be for their honeymoon. It is easy to send flowers to India or other overseas destinations. Simply use a florist with an international distribution network.

Aside from almost guaranteed weather, there are several advantages to an overseas wedding. A good example of this is the wedding flowers. If you get married on a tropical island then you have a vast choice of exotic flowers. These would either be unavailable to English florists or would cost a prohibitive amount of money. However if you are having an overseas wedding then your local wedding planner will be able to liaise with local florists to ensure that you have as many wedding flowers as you wish.

As in the UK local florists will be able to advise the best flowers to use. Typical wedding flowers include a bouquet, flowers for hair arrangements and to decorate the venue. Most people planning an overseas wedding choose a venue such as a hotel and arrange everything else through them. Local staff will take care of most of the detail. If you are having a reception then you can liaise with local florists via your local contact about flowers to decorate the room and tables.

As in the UK if you have a particular colour scheme in mind for your wedding flowers then you should let local florists know. They will then be able to advise the best flowers.

There are a few things you should watch out for when planning a wedding overseas. These include finding out how many other weddings are taking place on the same day as yours. You should also find out if there is a rainy season and if so when it is. You should also find out what the average temperature will be. You do not want your guests, your flowers or even you, wilting in the heat!

Getting married abroad can be a wonderful experience, but you should ensure that you stay on top of the detail as much as you would in the UK, to ensure that it really is your special day.

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