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Planning an Easter Wedding? Check Out These Fun Tips

By Weddingblog2011

If you’re planning an Easter wedding, you’re not alone. Spring and Easter-time are very popular times for weddings and spring brides are absolutely beautiful. Here are some fun tips you can use to make your Easter wedding even more special.

Easter Wedding Ideas

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Easter Egg Tabletop Candles

You can create your own beautiful Easter Egg tabletop candles. All you’ll need is an egg holder for each candle, some candle wax, wicks, and Easter egg dye. Here’s how you do it. Crack eggs and remove the contents. Try to leave as much on one side of the egg as possible (so you have a larger candle “container”). Rinse the egg shells and allow them to dry. Next, mix up your dye and dye each egg container in whatever color you choose.

Allow them to dry while you’re preparing the candle wax. Heat it in a double boiler until it melts; you may have to cut it into small chunks. Now you’ll glue a wick to the bottom of each egg using a bit of hot glue or super glue. When your candle wax is melted, carefully pour it into the egg containers. Place them in the egg containers to hold them upright while they dry. Voila – trim your wicks and you have beautiful Easter egg tabletop candles.

Easter Egg Candles

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Centerpiece Ideas

Place your centerpiece flowers in a watering can that has been spray painted in your wedding color. This creates the perfect spring centerpiece that looks amazing. You can also create a great centerpiece flower holder using two glass vases. They should be tall and cylindrical, with one a good bit smaller than the other. Place the smaller one inside the larger one and then pack the area between the glass with Easter grass and eggs. It’s a beautiful look and really brings springtime to your tables.

Easter Wedding Decor Ideas

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Use these ideas to create the most beautiful Easter wedding possible, and let them inspire you to create other fun décor ideas.

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